US Army honors Missouri soldier who saved civilian’s life

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI/CNN) - The U.S. Army is recognizing a Fort Leonard Wood soldier for saving the life of a man who was in a vehicle accident.

An Army soldier was awarded for saving a civilian's life. (Source: CNN)

In September, David Sanchez was driving when a tractor-trailer lost control and a car with a couple inside slammed into the truck.

The driver of the car was in bad shape, suffering a deep wound in his hand.

“I saw like a pool of blood on the seat already and it was trying to drip already on to the floor board," Sanchez said.

He jumped to action to help. Sanchez grabbed a tourniquet from his bag and later learned from hospital staff how important that was.

“They just told us good job whoever put the tourniquet on, because if we hadn’t, two to three more minutes, they would have bled out...and died,” he said.

Because of Sanchez’s help, the driver will recover full use of his hand.

On Monday, Sanchez was awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

Captain David Hoy said Sanchez could have driven past the accident but “the Army’s values are really emphasized by lending a helping hand.”

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