VIDEO: Creeks rise in Taney and Stone Counties

HOLLISTER, Mo. -- Flooding impacted travel in Taney and Stone Counties Saturday.

Water was rushing over Coon Creek Road, however the roadway is now passable.

Low-water crossings and parts of some state highways were flooded Saturday in Stone County. ‬ Many drivers turned around, not wanting to get swept away. ‬ Fire chiefs say they haven't had to perform any water rescues.

Residents in Taney County say when they compare this flooding to last year's, it could be worse.

"It's probably up about four feet above what's average but its nothing major," said Tony Ziegler of Hollister.

"We've had a lot of rain but, like I said, when they open the gates up on Table Rock, that's when we get in trouble down here," said Mich‬ael Holman.