VIDEO/PICTURES: Protestors ask for justice in Buffalo, Mo. 2 months after child's death

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Protestors in Buffalo, Mo. lined outside the office of the Dallas County prosecutor, pushing for charges in the death of Kinzlea Kilgore.

The child, 2, died May 13. She died from severe head trauma before even making it to the hospital. The prosecutor's office has not filed charges in the death.

The protestors outside the office of Barbara Viets are holding signs and chanting things like "Justice for Kinzlea." Family members say they have been calling the prosecutor's office constantly since she received the case from police on June 8. They are concerned health problems may be keeping her away from the case.

The prosecutor's office put out a statement yesterday, saying they are awaiting documentation and a full and complete investigation, and until they have all reports, statements, photos, and evidence, a proper charging decision cannot be made.

"So it's frustrating, because we know the guy is a bad guy," said Justin Gideon, Kinzlea's step-grandpa. "Our whole purpose for this, we want justice for Kinzlea. We want something towards closure, but we also want her name to mean something, because there were a lot of things at different levels that could have happened differently. If those had happened, she would still be here today."

We reached out to the Buffalo Police Department about the evidence the prosecutor wants. We have yet to receive a response.