Property values on the rise, notices sent to many Greene County property owners

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Property values are rising in Greene County. Value change notices were sent out to around 70 percent of property owners in the county impacted by the increase.

Ron Looney received a few notices. He owns many properties throughout town as part of his rental portfolio.

"As I looked at it and did the calculations it was a 41 percent increase," Looney said.

A house he owns on Pickwick Ave. in the Rountree neighborhood had the steepest increase around 41 percent. Looney says another house he owns, just a few blocks over, only went up around four percent.

"I thought they made a mistake or they need to hear about this to make an adjustment," Looney said.

"We are basically following what the market does and then we required to put that value on the properties," Rick Kessinger, Greene County Assessor, said.

Kessinger says values are based on many different factors, including:

-Current construction costs
-Land value
-Market data

Then, using a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System, property values are calculated.

"One example I usually use is we don't get to see the interior of the houses," Kessinger said. "So if the outside looks in average or above condition then by mass appraisal standards that is what we assume the inside to be."

Kessinger says if you do not agree with your property assessment you can submit pictures of the interior to show any damage that may factor in. The office has also set up a phone bank, (417) 829-6180 for questions about residential or agricultural properties, or at (417) 868-4094 for questions regarding commercial properties.

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