Vandals dump dozens of tires on lot of Springfield business

Published: May. 7, 2019 at 9:49 PM CDT
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Someone is dumping old tires and other trash in the lot of Mikes Unique at Sunshine and West Bypass. Owner Mike Cook says the illegal dumping has been an ongoing problem during the nine years he's been in business.

"Two-thirds of the stuff that's in my dumpster don't belong to me it's everyday else putting their trash ion and I'm paying to dump it," said Cook.

Cook says tires aren't the only things that have been dumped on his business.

"People clean out their houses, they'll dump everything here, mattresses, garbage, clean out their garage, even if the dumpsters there, they will just drive up and dump it on the ground," said Cook.

To clean up the tires, Cook says it will probably cost him more than $200. He says is also concerned about people's safety when it comes to people dumping on his property.

"In the past, we have had them dump chemicals, paint cans, that stuff is a little concerning, he said. We found a lot of needles out here before."

Cook has filed a report with the Greene County Sheriff's Office and is now offering a $500 reward to help identify the trash dumpers, while adding extra security around his business.

"I am going to be putting up some high definition cameras and if I catch him and if i can prove someone is dumping by looking at their license plate, I am going to take them to court and sue them. "They need to pay me for what I am spending to empty that dumpster and clean up this stuff," said Cook.