Volunteers work to pick up trash along South Creek

Published: Feb. 23, 2020 at 8:32 PM CST
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Right under the bustling street of South Campbell Ave lies South Creek. It's one of many streams that flow through Springfield.

But, it has also become home to trash left behind or washed into the water during floods.

Volunteers from the Ozarks came together to clean up the mess Sunday, hoping to make the area safer for everybody.

The city of Springfield has been working with this group providing gloves and trash bags to safely dispose of the trash.

"We leave the bags across the road over there, and they are picked up by the city," said Pam Shaver.

Pam Shaver with the Sierra Club's White River group says they adopted a stretch of the creek.

Shaver says they will go out more than five times a year to clean up the area.

"If we can change one person's mind as they are driving by and not to throw out there trash it just creates a nicer environment for Springfield," said Shaver.

Shaver says she wishes people were more conscious about their decisions before throwing trash on the ground.

"We really like to encourage folks to wait until you get home, put in the trash where it belongs or recycles," said Shaver.

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