Higher voter turnout leads to ballot shortages in Greene County

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Greene County election officials asked voters to stay patient after precincts ran out of paper Republican ballots.

Hickory Hills Elementary School in Springfield was one of those locations. There, voters used the Express machine to cast a ballot as they waited for more paper ballots. It meant longer wait times for some voters. Some said they waited up to 35 minutes, but said they saw some people leave because they didn't want to wait.

Ernie Kremers, of Springfield, said, "If you make a decision, if you're a zealot for your person or proposition. You stay and vote."

The Greene county Clerk Clerk Shane Schoeller predicted a turnout of nearly 30%. That prediction may shift higher.

The clerk said they were expecting a higher turnout, but did not expect the number of people casting Republican ballots.

Schoeller said, "We always want to make sure voters know that it's important they were able to vote, and so on a day like today we're glad a lot of people turned out to request the ballots. We're just sorry that it caused inconveniences for some voters in terms of their wait time."

The county clerk said they will learn from this for the next election, and he takes responsibility for what happened.