WATCH SECURITY VIDEO: Burglars steal safe from Springfield business

Published: May. 23, 2017 at 11:08 PM CDT
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After breaking in through the main door of Springfield Discount Liquor on Kearney Street in the early morning hours on Monday, it only took burglars 1:43 to swipe a safe and split.

Shane Stout--one of the family members who helps run the mom and pop store--can't believe how fast it happened considering the safe was anchored about eight inches into the concrete floor.

He speculates that before the culprits broke in, they scoped out the place. "Just the fact that nobody knew there was a safe there," Stout explained. "There was a bunch of stuff piled on top of it and all around it."

With 20 security cameras positioned throughout the business, Stout has gone through the video numerous times, and he said the ordeal started when an SUV and a car dropped off three people.

While the drivers acted as lookouts, the other thieves tried to pry open the door using a crowbar. Every time a car buzzed by, the burglars dashed out of sight to hide.

Eventually, they busted in, and immediately an alarm blared. Once the culprits dislodged the safe, they tried to smash it open with a sledgehammer but their attempts were futile, so they carried it out.

Stout is fed up. He already packs a piece because twice before robbers held employees up at gunpoint and now this happened. "I think the only thing I would say to them is," he said while pausing for a few seconds, "probably better say nothing."

As this crime was going on, police were just down the road on West Division investigating a break-in that occurred at the Dollar General Store a short time before the liquor store burglary. In that case, however, investigators said the thieves did not appear to steal anything. It's unclear whether the two incidents are related.