Want to start a drone business? Missouri State University to offer classes

Published: Jul. 9, 2018 at 11:31 AM CDT
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Want to become a commercial drone pilot. Missouri State University will soon offer a new cruise.

To use your drone commercially, you need to have your Part 107 Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. It requires you pass a 60 question test at an FAA approved site. The course Missouri State University is about to offer is in partnership with Aerobotics LLC, which will help prepare you for that test.

The class does not include flying a drone. That's part of their introduction to drone ownership class offered at OTC. If you are caught using your drone and not complying with FAA rules, the agency could fine you up to $27,500, and that is just a civil penalty. Criminal fines can be much higher.

The folks with Aerobotics say many drone owners don't realize they need to get certified.

"We run into a lot of people all the time that are either using their drone commercially, don't realize it's commercial or have hired someone to take pictures for them or use their drone, and the person they're hiring isn't registered and doesn't have their FAA Part 107 Certification," said Amy Casada, Aerobotics, PLC. "So we do see that a lot."

The commercial class is on August 11 and 12. It will cost you $800.

The separate public safety course will specialize in training police officers and firefighters to use drones in situations such as search and rescue. That is on September 5. It will costs $400.

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