Warm temps have allergies ramping up amid fall festivities

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The warm fall weather is playing its part in keeping allergies rampant in the Ozarks with mold and ragweed allergy sufferers being hit the hardest.

"It's 80 degrees on a fall day. It's kind of hot," Valerie Franklin said.

"You know, with the warm weather, you don't always think fall. Some people are thinking lake weather still," Shauna Jones, at Campbell's Maze Daze & Pumpkin Patch in Clever, said.

However, at Maze Daze, fall fun is certainly here. Even those who suffer from allergies say that's just part of being outside.

"Just seasonal allergies, ragweed, mold, dust, any of those things," Franklin said.

Experts say mold has been extra bad this year, thanks to the roller coaster weather. It was the cool, wet end of summer into the hot, dry start of fall that created a breeding ground for mold. Medical experts say, if you are suffering from allergies, don't wait to get them taken care of.

"After about 10 to 14 days, they can turn into things like a sinus infection, bronchitis," Family Nurse Practitioner Anthony Inmon said.

Inmon says they've already been busy at the walk-in clinic treating allergy sufferers and he doesn't see an end in sight.

"We are going to see a lot of ragweed irritation, a lot of the mold spores, a lot of irritation from that," Inmon said.

Still, you won't find these fall fanatics sitting out on the festivities.

"I take Singulair, if I need to," Franklin said. "[My daughter] loves to be outdoors, so there's no way we are staying inside."

Workers at Maze Daze say they to their part to help fun last all fall long.

"We mow all the time, we weed-eat, we leaf blow," Jones said. "Being outdoors with your family is just something that people love to do and we are happy to provide that for them."

Medical providers suggest over the counter medicine like Flonase to treat allergies. However, if your allergies don't improve, they say it's likely time to visit your doctor.