Warsaw School District considering transition to four-day school week

WARSAW, Mo. -- “We're looking at a four day school week possibly for the 2018-19 school year," said Dr. Shawn Poyser, Superintendent of Warsaw School District. "We think this is something that will increase attendence, hopefully teacher collaboration, teacher attendence, more time for indepth instruction, and the ability to recruit and retain high quality teachers."

It’s a proposal right now, but it’s being highly considered, as Poyser says a majority of the staff supports the idea.

"We had 93% of our teachers in favor of it, 91% of our classified staff. If they're not for it, it doesn't matter what we're going to do. It isn't going to be successful," Poyser said.

Under this proposal, the school district says they will be going to school for 153 days, or 1,086 hours. That's 43 hours over the state required minimum.

Some people in attendence say they like the change.

"My wife's a teacher and I do see it from her perspective. Having teachers stay around and not have so much turnover in the teacher positions would definitely be a good thing for our school," said Jared Deckard.

However, some were more skeptical.

"When we had elementary students, we lived far away from family. I know exactly what it would've meant for us. It would have meant a major increase in expenses," said Cynthia Bolinger, whose children formerly attended Warsaw schools. "So, I was very worried about it. I would still be worried from that position."

Bolinger did say she understands it from an education perspective.

"I didn't realize quite how bad our attendence rate here was. So, I can see the point. I still worry about the expenses for people who have elementary students," Bolinger added.

The district has provided more information on the proposal on their website, warsawk12.org. They will vote on this on March 22nd. You're asked to email any questions and concerns to 4day@warsawk12.org.