Light Rain and Drizzle Tonight

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A very weak storm is set to move across the Ozarks tonight. Light rain or drizzle is possible. Temperatures look to be very warm tonight with a low around 40 so no hazardous weather is expected.

The rain will come to an end early Thursday morning but the clouds should hang around all day. Temperatures will not warm very much with highs reaching the mid 40’s.

Friday also looks to be a mostly cloudy day as a strong storm organizes on the high plains. The winds will also begin to increase too. Temperatures should not be too bad with a low of 34 and high in the mid to upper 40’s.

Rain begins Friday evening and lasts all night. Strong winds are forecast with this event first from the south then switching around to the northwest Saturday morning. Cold air dives south across the plains and catches the departing rain. Some light snow is possible Saturday before ending late Saturday afternoon.

Right now trying to forecast snowfall amounts is feudal. There could be some accumulations just where and how much is still in doubt. What is certain is that cold air will plunge into the Ozarks sending temperatures and winds chills spiraling downward.

Readings Saturday will start off in the mid 30’s but dive well into the 20’s by afternoon. Sunday looks cold but not the bitter cold predicted the last couple of days. Lows bottom out in the mid-teens with wind chills still below zero. Highs should warm to near 30.

Additional rain or snow is possible next Tuesday before the next blast of cold air arrives.