Webster County finalizes plan to improve safety on U.S. 60

ROGERSVILLE, Mo.-- Webster County's study of the 22-mile stretch along U.S. 60 is now complete. The master plan includes areas such as Rogersville, Fordland, Diggins, and Seymour.

Engineer Steve Prange says their goal in the future would be a limited-access freeway similar to James River, which would include interchanges. He says it would enhance safety and travel times.

Prange says the entire project will cost more than $110 million, however, at the moment there is no funding to complete the project, but MoDOT plan to look into federal grants.

Superintendent Shawn Randle for the Rogersville School District says this project would help keep students safe on the bus when traveling on U.S. 60.

The next meeting will happen on Tuesday, October 29, at Fordland City Hall.