Amazing transformation after man joins weight-loss club

SPRINGFIELD, Mo Southwest Missouri is home to a King and he's in a club right here in the Queen City. When it comes to weight loss Alvin Hill is a champion.

It's a club where the meeting doesn't start until there's a moment of truth. At the scale, the winners are losers and losers get a Burni sticker for burning calories.

Local TOPS Club Leader Shelia Price says, "You face that scale every week and if that's not a motivation... nothing is..."

In this club, this year, Alvin Hill is king of them all. Tops of the Taking Pounds off Sensibly Club. He's a Missouri state champ too.

Alvin says, "I lost 85 point 4 pounds."

Alvin used to wear these pants (see photo in the video). He weighed 455 pounds. He used to go to a scrap yard to get on a scale that could handle his weight.

Alvin quips, "I basically was near death. I had one foot in the grave another on a banana peel."

In this club, Alvin got a diet plan, motivation and friendship.

Alvin Hill says, "I just feel like a new person again... I always tell everybody, I'm not half the man I used to be."

Paul Adler reports, "Beyond the support, the friendship, watching your portions... There's also.. yes.., an exercise component to TOPS."

TOPS tells new members that before you start logging walking minutes or changing your diet, you have to see your doctor and get them to sign onto the plan.

If the scale isn't kind to you, you don't get kicked out of the club. You get the kindness worthy of a King or a Queen.

Shelia says, "Each day is a new day and we are all here for support. We are more like a family here... than anything..."

There are 5 dollar monthly dues and a 32 dollar annual fee. If you want to find a club near you, call 800-932-8677 or use the link on the right side of this page.