What should you do if you see a wreck?

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo "I kind of stalled for a second and just thought, what am I supposed to do here?"
Chase Kelly saw the whole thing happen -- and was the first to check on the driver of the car who was hit.
"He didn't really look other than being unconscious, he didn't look like he had any other external injuries. At that point I was just trying to make sure that he was breathing."
It is not something that you will see everyday -- but when you do see something like this happen... what should you do?
Step one... is easy.... call 911.
"You don't pass by and think, somebody has already called it in. If you think something needs to be called in, please call it in. Multiple calls are not a bad thing at all."
The next step is to make sure you pull your car over to a safe spot -- and approach the vehicle with caution.
"Make sure there aren't any hazards involved, the car isn't on fire, there aren't any types of combustible liquids coming from the vehicle."
Once you do approach the vehicle -- check on the person inside.
"If the patient is awake and talking -- you can talk to them, calm them. If the car is safe to stay in // please leave the patient in the vehicle. Especially in the winter months, we want to keep them warm. And also if they are injured, we don't want to move them too much until we get there."
And even if you don't have any medical training -- there is something that you can do to help the patient.
"Bleeding control, obviously not everybody is going to be carrying tourniquets or bandages // so any type of bulky fabric or clothing or towels or anything of that nature, you can put on the wound and put pressure on. Especially if it is spurting or flowing blood..."