What's up with Kinesio Tape?

Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 11:06 AM CST
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You've probably seen people walking around with tape on their legs, shoulders or arms. On this Fit Life, we've got some of the basics behind Kinesio taping.

Doctor Abigail Emery of Loehr Chiropractic applied the tape like she would for a runner with a tight IT Band on this Fit Life. KY3's Paul Adler served as the patient in the demonstration.

Dr. Emery told us the first thing you want to do is make sure your skin is clean and free of hair.

Then, get a really good brand of tape. When you cut the tape you want to round the edges. That way it stays on better. If you have the tape applied around your knee and then pull up your pants, the tape may catch on a sharp edge and not stick to your skin as long. The rounded edge helps prevent that problem.

When applying, just do a little bit of tension with it. It's just like applying tape to anything else. Dr. Emery places it along the Fascial Planes. If you put it around the Fascial Planes, you get freedom of movement. That's excellent for runners and other athletes.

It'll stay on for about 4 days. You can shower, swim and do other normal activities with it. This can help reduce inflammation by lifting the skin and getting better blood flow to the area, especially if you have an injury.

You can find the tape starting at about $8 online for a small batch. You can spend much more depending on the brand and the quantity.

There are several different brands of tape. Each brand offers demonstrations on how to apply the tape. We've put a couple links on this page. Just look on the right side of this webpage.

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