Wheaton, Mo. native lands hit on Billboard Rock Chart

Published: Dec. 20, 2018 at 9:24 AM CST
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An Ozark's native landed on Billboard's Rock Music charts for the first time with the hit, "Bella Donna."

KY3's Paul Adler visited the band and met the group's secret weapon and biggest supporter.

This is the rock lifestyle, where you 'Roll' your own gear into a gig.

Josh Kennedy of The Black Moods is a guitar tech, van driver and the lead singer of The Black Moods.

Josh comments on charting a song, "It's cool man... cause every Tuesday morning is like Christmas."

It feels like Christmas because for several Tuesdays in a row the group's song Bella Donna landed on Billboard's Rock charts. It climbed as high as the Top 30 and stayed on the charts for more than 2 months.

Chico Diaz of The Black Moods Drummer says, "They're just playing the heck out of it. So, we're really happy about that."

Josh reflects on the day they heard the news, "We're all excited and the linkage went out in our transmission. And, we have to go out and crawl underneath it while somebody starts it. So, it's always like a high five and a punch in the gut. "

Josh at the group's Soundcheck at The Riff in Springfield, "Wheaton, 2, 3, 4. Oh, that's awesome."

Paul Adler reports, "It didn't happen overnight. Josh's rock n' roll journey took the long, long road, onto the Billboard chart."

Josh's mom Brenda Kennedy says, "They call me at 4 in the morning from the side of the highway in Flagstaff, (Arizona). Mom, what do we do?"

If the band is the talent, Brenda is the backbone. She's back at Josh's old home base in the small town of Wheaton.

Brenda recalls, "It was two hours of total mom meltdown.. Oh, my God, I've got to get my kid off the side of the highway."

Brenda then takes Paul on a tour of the home, "This is the merch. "

She handles the t-shirt sales and deals with the panicked emergency calls. Of course, she does it because she loves her son. But, she also loves seeing a long-time dream fulfilled.

Brenda shows Paul some old pictures, "This is Joshua (holding a plastic WalMart guitar). He was about 2 years old. Times were tough, I restrung the guitars with fishing line."

Brenda shows Paul another picture, "And that is the guitar he purchased from working at the grocery store here in town."

With a bit of success, comes a bit more work with the merch and a bit more hope for better days ahead.

Brenda says, "It feels different, it feels different right now. We're at a place we've never been."

As for the band, after a few hours in Springfield. It's off to St. Louis, Cleveland, Nashville and more all on a bent axle that keeps blowing out tires.

Chico says, "It's the universe keeping us grounded."

Josh quips, "We've made the shows that's all that matters."

Brenda concludes, "My hope for them is to not have any more blowouts, have a comfortable ride to tour in and just make music and be happy. That's it."

Josh told Paul he wrote Bella Donna in Wheaton. He also says it's not about one person. It's about something that's so good for you and so bad for you at the same time.

He also told us he wrote the music for Bella Donna while fiddling with his guitar. He says he used the guitar as a way to distract his mind from the grief of his grandfather's death.

The Black Moods are Josh Kennedy, Chico Diaz and Jordan Hoffman.