"White Supremacy" papers distributed in Taney County

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 3:49 PM CDT
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Papers supporting white supremacy have been found in two Taney County communities.

"Everybody is pretty nice to each other around here. I don't see a lot of [racism]. I also know I don't have brown skin," Hollister Resident Stefanie Parker said.

Parker was shocked to find the papers, blatantly promoting white supremacy, lying beside her mailbox.

"I know racism exists, but to this level of the white supremacy and the things they stand for," Parker said.

One article reads, in part, "White Supremacy is a fact, not an ideology."

"Well, somebody wants to spread hate," Branson Resident Marilyn Kirchner said.

Kirchner also found the papers dropped on her lawn.

"It's kind of scary. I don't feel as secure, knowing there are people like that out there. Of course, like we found out in El Paso, they're willing to do stupid things," Kirchner said.

It's unclear how many of the papers were distributed locally, or by whom, but the organization that prints the papers appears to be Alabama-based. One page prompts readers to send $20 in order to get 100 copies in return, all to help spread their message.

"They need something better to do with their lives than put down other people," Kirchner said.

However, this is not only happening in Taney County.

"There are still people, everywhere you go, not just Branson that pre-judge human beings," Kirchner said.

Data from the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, shows a 182 percent increase of white supremacist material distribution last year when compared to 2017.

"I feel that the timing of this isn't a coincidence," Parker said.

That's why Parker and Kirchner decided to take a stand.

"You need to speak up and say it's wrong. It's not okay," Parker said. "To remember to just love and support each other and see past differences, see people for who they are."

"Love is hopefully going to win out and you'll learn to love each other," Kirchner said.

Branson Police say although the distribution of these materials may not be criminal in nature, they still encourage people to report any extremist or hate material distributed in the city. ​

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