Whole Heart Award honors those who help hurting families

A local business and a Springfield resident are being recognized for lending a hand to those grieving the loss of a loved one through the Lost and Found Grief Center Whole Heart award.

The individual award recipient is Sibyl Dillard, a local hair stylist. Between the snipping, the drying, and the styling, Sibyl Dillard laughs with her clients through the good times and cries with them through the bad.

"There's nothing special about me," Dilard said. "I'm not afraid to dry in front of anybody."

That's why when Glenda Head's family faced a tragedy, her nephew taken too young, Dillard was there for the grieving mother.

"She wasn't thinking about her hair or looking good, neither were her daughters. They were just trying to get up in the morning," Head said.

Sibyl offered sympathy and a good cut and color, whether they could pay her or not.

"I gave them a warm touch and tell them I'm so sorry, because I am." Dillard said.

"She shows love and that's what she did with my sister and her daughters," Head said.

That's why Sibyl is being honored as a person who gives comfort to the grieving through the Whole Heart Award.

Hurts Donut Company is the business recipient of the Whole Heart Award.

Because of Hurts' owners, a boy named Kasen his family are feeling the love from the very sweet business. Before Kasen's dad, Chris Wrinkle, passed away, he'd treats his family to a donut on every occasion.

"He was a kid at heart. Loved holidays. Loved doing stuff for the kids," Kim Wrinkle said.

Until last Christmas, when Hurts owners Tim and Kas Clegg noticed one delivery order was missing.

"I lost my dad as a teenager and I knew there was no way that we were going to let them go without that delivery that their dad always sent to them," Kas Clegg said.

So, since then, it's been like the delivery from dad never stopped with Hurts delivering the Wrinkle family a special box on every holiday.

"Just a little piece of Chris that is comforting," Wrinkle said.

That's why Wrinkle nominated Hurts as the business recipient of the Whole Heart award.

These acts of kindness are proof that, when it comes down to helping the hurting, we can all do something.

"This award proved that a hair cut, a color, and a box of donuts changed lives and I think that speaks volumes to home much we need each other," Lost and Found Grief Center Marketing & Events Coordinator Mehleena Maigi said.

Maigi says the hope is that these stories will spark conversations about how everyone can better help those close to them who are grieving.

Both Sibyl and Hurts Donuts will be honored at Lost and Found's Evening of Hope event in January.