Willard Fire Protection District plans to grow department

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WILLARD, Mo. - The Willard Fire Protection District is looking to hire and train ten or more volunteer firefighters. The department received a grant through FEMA.

"I'm excited about it," Fire Chief, Ken Scott, said. "We were able to supplement our volunteer side by about $40,000 per year."

The grant will provide around $162,000 spread throughout the next four years. It is volunteer recruitment and retention money.

We asked Scott how much it costs to train a volunteer firefighter. He replied, "Well if you are looking at a firefighter, one and two class, you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 per person."

However, that is only the beginning. Scott says there are also gear costs and other certification costs. Those costs will be covered through the grant money.

So far, many have applied to be part of the crew. You can turn an application in through the end of Dec. To apply, visit: www.willardfire.com

Classes for the new volunteers will begin in Jan.