UPDATE: Willard wrestler makes progress after lung transplant

Published: May. 28, 2019 at 6:47 PM CDT
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Michael Finley, a junior at Willard High School and a member of the wrestling team, is making progress after

He stood up earlier this week.

Kathy Finley, his mother, shared her thoughts about his journey with KY3/ KSPR for the first time face to face. Her son was diagnosed with the flu, pneumonia and a staph infection in March. He was taken to St. Louis Children's Hospital.

"I just remember taking Michael's hand, and crying and praying, and crying and praying," Kathy said.

Doctors told the Finley family his chances did not look good at first. The family prepared themselves for the worst.

"When the doctors say it is not going to work, but we have to try it," Kathy said. "You cry and you pray and it works!"

Kathy says her faith increased at every turn. They watched their prayers be answered. Michael's condition continued to improve.

"I knew that God was hearing me and everybody else that was praying for Michael," Kathy said.

Each day, Kathy and her husband, update social media. They make posts to keep everyone in the loop. Around Mother's Day, they noticed a random lady copying their posts.

"It was too coincidental to ignore it," Kathy said. "I just wanted my friends to know that so they didn't add her or try to send money. You never know with these things."

The community continues to rally around Michael. They have made t-shirts, posters and hosted blood drives. A blood drive will be hosted June 3 at Willard High School,

While Michael's road to recovery will take time, Kathy says she is proud of her son and cannot wait to tell him about his journey.