Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield expands 60 acres

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Republic, Mo. — Wilson's Creek National Battlefield just bought 60 acres of land to add to its historic site.

Civil War Trust and Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation helped fund the additional land.

The new land will bring future plans to teach people about its historic value.

The park is now looking towards the future with plans to raise money to fund a walking path, benches and cannons to place on the new 60 acres.

Superintendent Ted Hillmer, at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, said the new land will give people a point to overlook where the actual battle took place because of its higher elevation.

The 60 acres of land was used by troops to shoot cannons from a high point advantage into the battle field.

"That's a great, great place to show people where the actual battle was at so it's our job in the next few years will be finding those funds, and doing trail work and putting some wasteside and some cannons and some benches up there we want people to know why seagles were there to begin wit,” Hillmer said.

In the last 10 years, the land has seen ice storms and two tornadoes so organizers say it will take time to fix up to the land to make it available to the public.