Winona police chief resigns, city and county managing dispatch duties

Published: May. 14, 2018 at 10:40 PM CDT
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WINONA, Mo. -- The city of Winona is currently without a police chief following his resignation and without 9-1-1 dispatchers who were let go a week ago because of a lack of money to pay them.

Now the city and county are handling dispatch duties.

The front door at Winona PD is now locked. The sign on the front door letting citizens know that this is no longer a 24-hour facility but that emergency calls will still be answered.

"I'm just very concerned about our city and all that's going on," Sharon Link said.

Last Monday was the first day without two full-time dispatchers at the department, due to funding issues.

Mayor Adam Ipock confirmed to KY3 Monday, that Police Chief Alonzo Bradwell has resigned along with another officer.

Sharon Link says Bradwell has been nothing but good for Winona.

"He's worked hard to enforce the law and to give us a community we're proud of. He's done things for the children in town and he's just been very active and it just breaks my heart that he's gone but I understand why he would."

Mayor Ipock says the city has appointed two reserve officers to fill the vacancies.

Three officers currently work for the department.

Link and others say they are thankful for the two reserve officers stepping up.

"I am glad to hear that we have more than one police officer at this point. I feel very strongly that Winona is the kind of town that really is dependent upon our police officers."

A sign on the door now tells citizens how their emergency calls will be dispatched.

From 6 am to 6 pm, calls will be routed straight to the on-duty officer and any call after 6 pm, will be dispatched to the Shannon County Sheriff's Office, who will then contact a Winona officer.

The city council will meet Tuesday morning at 9:30 to further discuss dispatching and funding with the sheriff's office.

This while the city's finances are being audited by the state.

The State Auditor's Office says the audit will be finished sometime this summer.

Mayor Ipock says the city will then have a better understanding of how to fund the police department and try to get things back to normal. ​