FIRST ALERT WINTER HACKS: Here's how to keep your car clean of ice and snow

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 4:02 PM CST
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Winter weather can be a hassle, and is even more so when you are running late and have an ice covered windshield.

While many shops sell covers for windshields to protect them from ice and snow, these can be expensive.

Thankfully there are some household items you can try instead.

Cardboard is a popular option. It works great when just snow is expected. You can tuck it under your windshield wipers or in your car door. It’s easily lifted and keeps the windshield clean.

Cardboard does not perform well when rain, freezing rain, or wet snow is expected. It soaks up the water and can break apart, or stick to your car.

Old floor mats or a plastic shower curtains can be used the same way. Again practice caution with the floor mats. Similar to cardboard they do not do well when wet, and can stick to the car.

A popular trick that can be used anytime, is plastic bags. You will need about two bags to cover each windshield wiper. Bags can also be tied around your side mirrors to prevent them from freezing over.

The oldest trick in the book is putting up the windshield wipers. Use caution with this. Make sure your wipers are completely turned off before putting them upright.

Micah Blake, with Rick's Automotive, said his crew frequently repair windshield wipers during wintertime when they’re not used properly.

“You’re going to cost yourself money in the blades, or in the wiper linkage itself,” said Blake.

Blake also warns against turning the wipers on when it’s icing, as they can get stuck and ruin the inner mechanisms.

Other things to cover up, your lock holes. If you have a key that must be inserted in the lock, cover the lock with a piece of tap.

“That way you don’t get water inside it, or snow, cause it’ll ice up,” Blake said.

Blake cautioned that if your car door is frozen, do not pull hard on the door handles. This could end up breaking them. He also said not to pour hot water on the car to melt the ice could crack the windshield.

Other must need items in the car this winter is an ice scraper, and some deicer.

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