Winter weather worries hit Lebanon, Mo.

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LEBANON, Mo. -- Snow and ice continue to fall in Lebanon, Mo. making road conditions slick. Officials with the Lebanon Police Department say they have responded to four minor accidents Friday.

Nancy Clark was driving from Springfield to St. Louis for a volleyball tournament. She made a stop in Lebanon at a local gas station.

"I started out from Springfield and wished I hadn't," Clark said.

Clark says she is considering stopping in Rolla, Mo. She says the roads are dangerous.

"It is really bad out there," Clark said.

Tahir Sabrov, a truck driver, is driving cross country.

"I've never been in this state before," Sabrov said.

Sabrov says the snowy weather caught him off guard. He has had to slow down. Now his trip is taking him a bit longer.

"I've seen at least 10 vehicles on the side of the road," Sabrov said. "Just slow down."

In town at Bandana's Bar-B-Q, Christopher Early had to brush a few inches of snow off his car after eating dinner.

"We've only been here an hour tops and we had probably an inch on the car when we came out," Early said.

Early also noted deteriorating road conditions.

"On my way back from the lake, I noticed a lot of cars sliding off the roads," Early said. "There were quite a bit of people who acted like they didn't know how to drive."

The Missouri State Highway Patrol suggest driving under the speed limit, charge your cell phone fully, if you’re using your windshield wipers -- your headlights must be turned on and check road conditions before you hit the road.