With no fire truck to fight fires, one Texas County department is asking for help

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 8:04 PM CST
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A small, rural fire department in Texas County has a big problem on its hands. If help doesn't come soon, folks in Roby, Mo. might not have a fire department at all.

Currently, the Roby Fire Department has only one working vehicle right now that can respond to fire scenes. The only problem is the vehicle cannot be used to fight fires. It does not hold water. Right now they are only able to use it as a means to haul people and tools to a scene while they wait on mutual aid from other departments.

"And of course without a fire truck in our community, the community members are at risk if their home catches on fire. We have no way to put it out," Chief Rick Besette told KY3.

One month ago, the water pump on Roby's 1969 fire truck broke. Then a few days later, 23 minutes of waiting and watching for neighboring departments to show up and put out a blaze.

Roby's fire chief hasn't found an affordable replacement or a loan. If they can't, the department could close.

"Weeks if we are lucky....weeks. The hardest thing is going to make that phone call to 911 telling them we are out of service," Bresette said.

Courtney Cooper saw her neighbors house burn down January 6th.

The possibility of not having a fire department frightens her.

"I am worried for my son, I am worried for our neighbors and the local people. It's very scary because you don't know what can happen. My house could burn down," Cooper exclaimed.

Chief Bresette hopes surrounding communities can lend a helping hand.

"We just ask you do what you can for us and we'll do our best for you."

You can donate to the departments gofundme page: search for Roby Fire Department.

If you need any more info, email Michael Deere at