Witnesses recall seeing hit and run that killed Springfield woman

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 6:32 PM CST
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A woman has been charged in Tuesday night's deadly hit and run.

46 year old Elizabeth McKeown has been charged with first degree murder for the killing of 57 year old Barbara Foster of Springfield.

It happened around 5:15 Tuesday at the intersection of Campbell and University street, just north of Sunshine.

It started as a fender bender, but ended with the death of Foster.

Witnesses say when they passed the cars, it looked like a normal fender bender.

They say Foster got out of her her car after being rear-ended by the suspect and that is when the unthinkable happened.

"She is just sitting there saying you just hit my car, you are still hitting my car." said Jamie Luaces-Adams, who saw the whole thing.

"That is when she just started pushing. She must have backed up a little bit or turned because the woman who had gotten out of her car was trying to get back into her car and the mustang came around the driver's side and went right over her." said Austyn Adams, who used his vehicle to box McKeown in.

"I am looking behind me, I see this poor woman go underneath this mustang. And I can't believe what I am seeing." said Luaces-Adams.

McKeown then tried to escape through the intersection of Campbell and Sunshine, but didn't get far.

"At that point we realized it is like well she is not going to stop. I saw her coming up behind me, she is flashing her flashers and honking her horn and everything." said Adams. "And she came in behind me. And I cut back over and around that time the silver SUV on the right had pulled up to box her on the side."

"My husband barely gets us out of her way in fear of her ramming us. But then kind of slides us in so we are blocking her from getting out. And she is just ramming the car in front of her trying to get free and get out." said Luaces-Adams.

Austyn Adams jumped out and confronted the woman.

"You just ran this person over. You just ran that person over dude."

"I looked in the drivers side and she was just sitting there staring, holding the steering wheel. And she looked over at me and just kind of looked back." said Adams. "She just looked at me like no emotion, no anything, just staring. I told her it is like you just ran a person over, you're going to jail."

A few minutes later... officers were on scene and arrested McKeown.

And had it not been for some brave people who boxed her in, she may have gotten away.

"Just doing the right thing. Somebody was in trouble, and she really could have hurt a number of other people. She was putting a lot of people in danger. And that intersection won't ever be the same for me." said Adams.

McKeown's bond has been set at $500,000.


Springfield police have identified the victim and suspect in a deadly hit and run crash Tuesday evening.

Barbara E. Foster, 57, of Springfield, died in the crash. Officers arrested the driver, Elizabeth H. McKeown, 46, of Springfield. Prosecutors charged her with first-degree murder and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police say the victim's car was rear-ended on Campbell Avenue near University Street late Tuesday evening. Police say Foster then was intentionally hit as a pedestrian in the road after the crash. Officers found her critically injured in the road.

Police suspect McKeown then sped away and was involved in a second crash just a block away, at Campbell and Sunshine. Police credit witnesses boxing her in until an officer arrived to arrest her.

McKeown told police Foster would not go forward at a light. She said she nudged her a bit. But detectives say she admitted to, "she just decided to hit it full out." When Foster got out of the car to look at the damage, McKeown said she tricked her into thinking she was going to be nice. She said that's when she backed up and hit the gas, running over Foster. McKeown told police she, "backed it up and slammed into her and cut her in half." McKeown added she just wanted to pay her car payment.

Detectives continue to investigate and are asking anyone who has information about this incident to contact the Springfield Police Department at (417) 864-1810 or make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at (417 )869-8477.