Woman seeks help to find a masked attacker at Springfield library

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A woman is seeking help to find a masked man who forcefully approached her in a public restroom, at The Library Station on north Kansas Expressway.

The incident happened Tuesday, just after 10 a.m. While Adriel Grimshaw, the woman, who fought off her attacker, says she was ironically enough attending a trauma training seminar. Grimshaw says at first she didn't see a masked man hiding in the women's restroom stall when she went to use the restroom. However, when she was exiting her stall the man approached her and tried to force her back inside.

She was able to fight him off, and chase him out of the both the restroom and the building. She says he was about 5'7" wearing a dark hoodie, jeans, and a partial face cover.

While Grimshaw is still shaken up about the incident she's looking at the bigger picture in a positive light.

"It's actually really in some ways empowering because it showed me that i could defend myself and that I had the means to take care of myself when that situation arose," explained Grimshaw. "I guess it' s an empowerment for women around that it's something we can do when things happen."

A police report was filed. And this incident is still under investigation.

If you have an information contact police.