"God telling me he was with me": Woman describes how she survived devastated floods in Ozark County

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OZARK COUNTY, Mo. -- We've been following up recently on the one-year anniversary of the devastating floods that hit the Ozarks as area residents are still dealing with the emotional and physical scars of losing their homes.

And this story concerns an Ozark County couple who survived being swept away by flood waters, and the unusual signs that pointed to divine intervention.

"I'm terrified of the water," said Hoversen. "I have nightmares and probably always will."

Katie Hoversen and her husband Ted have every reason to be a bit skittish about water. They moved to rural Ozark county on the North Fork of the White River 10 years ago after surviving seven hurricanes at their previous home in Key West, Florida. But this the foundation is all that's left of that home now as the historic flooding of last spring took everything. Except them.

The water came up so fast that they barely made it to their car with their three dogs.

"And as soon as she stepped out with a dog under each arm, the current just swept her away," Ted recalled. "She went down a couple of times and then came back up and she actually lodged up against a fence post in the garden."

Even though she could barely keep her head above water, Katie said she remained calm as large amounts of debris came crashing by.

"I was underwater and it still didn't scare me," Katie said. "We had a propane tank and it got within 10-feet of me and just suddenly went around. There were logs coming at me. And they would go around."

Ted became trapped in a tractor trying to save his wife.

But the two along with their dogs were finally saved by a next-door-neighbor with a boat. And days later, as they tried to scrounge up belongings around their leveled home, Katie made an amazing discovery near that lifesaving fence post.

"Laying on the top of a sand pile was this cross," Katie explained, pointing at a necklace with a cross attached around her neck. "I could barely stand up in this water hanging on to a fence post. And to think that this tiny thing was able to survive the 12 hours or so that the river was raging like that, it's a miracle. This was God telling me that he was with me."

And that wasn't the only sign of divine intervention. Before the flood, Katie had bought pieces to knit together for a quilt. And after the flood, she recovered many of them and made that quilt that carries a rather eerie reminder of what life had in store for them.

"If the clouds be full of rain they empty themselves upon the earth," Katie reads from a message on the quilt. "And if the tree fall south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falleth, there shall it be. Ecclesiastes 11:3. Hope springs eternal."

The Hoverson's now live in a different home. Still happy to be in the Ozarks but "we're on the top of a hill," Katie said with a laugh.