Woman goes into diabetic shock, turns to Facebook friends for help

She was alone and went into diabetic shock. Doctors say she could have easily gone into a coma and died.

Kellie Buchanan says she's alive to tell her story because her friends took action from her Facebook post. Since she was a little girl, Buchanan has lived with type one diabetes. A few weeks ago -- she wasn't feeling right. She knew what was about to happen. That's when she reached for her phone -- not to call 911, but to update her Facebook status.

"I always get scared. Every time it happens I get scared. You never know and when you don't have the help it's really scary," Buchanan said.

Buchanan doesn't remember what happened next, but she was able to make a plea for help on Facebook. The status read: Need help, please call 911 for me. Dozens of her Facebook friends read the post. At first, it wasn't clear if this was a real plea.

"There was no way I could talk or let 911 know what was happening, but a lot of people know on Facebook I'm a diabetic," she said.

Thirty minutes later, she was in an ambulance. Doctors say Kellie did the right thing. Stay put and ask for help.

"We have had patients who were driving and then had accidents because the blood sugars were low and not able to make the right decision," said Dr. Johnson Thomas with Mercy.

If you ever scroll and see a post like this -- check it out. If you believe someone is in danger, report it.