Woman dies from injuries in Pleasant Hope, Mo. pyrotechnics warehouse explosion

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The woman injured in a fireworks warehouse explosion in Pleasant Hope, Mo. July 3 died from her injuries Tuesday morning.

Samantha Dean, 28, suffered third-degree burns in the explosion at AM Pyrotechnics. The family shared the tragic news of her death with KY3 News Tuesday.

Dean had surgery Friday after the the explosion burned 60-percent of her body. Doctors since had placed her in an induced coma.

Dean leaves behind an eight-month-old child Tanner and her fiance Wayne. He too is an employee at AM Pyrotechnics. As they grieve, Samantha's loved ones are holding onto the memory of her bright smile, her strong, giving spirit and the love she showed everyone. And they know she died doing what she loved.

"She loved what she did," said mother Tracy Livingston. "She loved fireworks. She loves her son. He was a miracle, and he was everything to her. She would drop anything and everything, even her other loves for him."

Tracy says it will likely be her grandson that will give her the strength to keep going. She believes Samantha is in heaven, but asks for prayers for her and all of Samantha's loved ones.