Woman wants charges filed after alleged illegal dumping of concrete on her property

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 10:16 PM CDT
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"It's just horrible."

That's how Dessa Britt was feeling early Sunday morning when she found chunks of concrete poured and dumped into her yard, as was checking her property. That's something she says she does every three months on her 100 acre land.

She says she also found her barbed wire fence, apparently broken by the concrete.

"This panel, I put up because my fence is gone. My horses, I have miniature donkeys, and it's a stud donkey," Britt said. The fifth strand you cant even reach because it's all up under here. So, Sunday, I struggled, but I got this panel up."

Britt says the EPA and the Department of Natural Resources are now wanting to come check out the issue later this week.

"Since it was wet concrete that ran down here, the pH level in the creek would cause some problems," Britt said.

A Pulaski County Deputy did come out to the property last night to take pictures and start a report, but Dessa believes that only happened because they knew she talked to me outside the courthouse yesterday.

Deputies say they just didn't have the manpower to come out right away, because they were busy handling a search for two crime suspects who had stolen a car.

"We sent deputies out as we were able to to work those,but she did have a response by three different deputies on her case and we did send it up to the prosecutor," said Pulaski County Chief Deputy Linda Burgess. "But, we try to get ahead of the crimes that we see are potential crimes, and sometimes people don't understand that."

As for Britt?

"This is dumping. There needs to be something done."

No charges have been filed by the prosecuting attorney at this time, but the Burgess tells us the sheriff's department did find probable cause.

No word on who might be responsible to clean up the concrete.