Wrongful death suit filed against the mother of 3 children killed in a violent crash in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. New developments on the fatal wreck that killed three children just outside of Springfield last summer.

In a civil lawsuit, the father of those children, Ionel Dobos, claims that several companies and a few people, including the children's own mother, Claudia Dobos, are responsible for their deaths.

Nine people were riding in a 2014 passenger van on Interstate 44, just outside of Springfield, last July.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, a semi-truck hauling a flat-bed trailer was trying to pull into traffic. The driver, Erskine Pickwick, had been parked on the side of the road.

The report also says that the driver of the van, Claudia Dobos, didn't swerve fast enough to avoid being hit by the semi. She drove off the road and hit a cable barrier in the median of the highway.

Three of the children inside the van, Olivia Dobos,8 Angelina Dobos, 7 and 6 year-old Julia Dobos were all thrown out of the van in the crash.

In a lawsuit filed last week, the children's father, Ionel Dobos, is suing everyone involved in the crash that Thursday afternoon.

First listed is Pickwick, the driver of the truck. The lawsuit claims that he violated trucking industry laws by driving more than 70 hours allowed in an 8 day consecutive period among other offenses and law violations.

Also named:

Ricnet III, Inc.
Trinet Transportation, Inc.
CRT Logistics, LLC.
Final Freight Dispatch, LLC.
Murphy-Brown LLC d/b/a Brown's of Carolina, Inc.
Tennessee Green Pumping Service, LLC
John Deberry
Murphy Family Ventures

All of the above named parties are associated with the transportation of the items on the flat bed pulled by the semi-truck that was involved with the traffic accident.

Last on the list of defendants is Claudia Dobos who was driving at the the van at the time. The suit claims that her negligence led to the deaths of her own three children.

Ionel Dobos is suing for punitive damages, burial costs and medical expenses for the other five children who survived the crash.

We called attorneys for everyone involved but haven't heard back.

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