Fit Friday: 9 ways to make healthier choices at fast food restaurants

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - On this Fit Friday, we're taking a look at some ways you can cut calories and eat a bit healthier at fast food restaurants.

Here what David Poland of Extreme Fitness told us:

Due to our busy schedules and time spent away from home, there are times when even the healthiest eaters finds themselves eating at a fast food restaurant.

Most fast food restaurants have modified their menus to
accommodate people on special or healthier diets.

Here are some ways to make better food choices at fast food

Consider three standard meal choices; a double cheeseburger meal, a chicken sandwich meal, and a main dish salad.

First, if ordering a double cheeseburger meal, order it without the cheese. Then pick a healthier side instead of french fries; a baked potato is a good choice.

Consider eating the meat patties without the bun to eliminate the carbohydrates. The two beef patties will give you about 15
grams of protein.

Second, if ordering a chicken sandwich meal, request grilled
chicken instead of fried. For the side, choose a salad and ask for light ranch dressing, which has only about 45 calories and 2 carbs.

And last, consider ordering a main dish salad with grilled chicken. Ask what dressing options are available because often the dressing that comes standard with the salad is high calorie.

Request a light ranch dressing instead of the higher calorie house dressing. To save on carbs, don’t use the croutons that are included with the salad.

Be aware that any fruit added to the salad will add carbs to your diet.

These suggestions will help you make some healthier choices at fast food restaurants.