Your back pain might be caused by weak booty muscles

SPRINGFIELD, Mo On this Fit Life, if you're having some back issues you may need to strengthen you booty. Leah Mawdsley,with XFit is joined KY3's Paul Adler. They look at 3 unique moves to toughen up your buns.

The first move is on the leg extension. The leg extension machines are already padded up. In the glut bridge, go ahead and thrust those hips forward (see video). Try to keep that back still and move from the waist down. Do about 20 of these on a light weight. You do not have to go heavy on this. It's a compound move, you're going to feel it in many places. But, the glutes are going to be the biggest target.

The second move is a kickback with the same machine. Your gonna kick up and then bring it down (again, see the video). This move is going to isolate and target those glutes. You're gonna do 10 on each side. And, don't forget that stabilizing leg is going to start feeling the burn too. So, this is helping both sides at the same time.

Now, the finisher is a banded walk. You can get one of these bands on Amazon for about 20 dollars. It's portable, you can take it with you, put it in your pocket. The key to this is to get in a slight squatted position.

You can intensify it by going wider and pushing out. It would do ten in one direction and ten back the other direction.

Do all three moves as one round.