Assemblies of God will auction former Central Bible College buildings

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - After failing to find a buyer for the buildings and 75 acres that used to house Central Bible College, the Assemblies of God decided to sell them at auction. The campus is on the northeast corner of Norton Road at Grant Avenue across the street from the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. The Assemblies of God stopped using the campus in 2013 when 91-year-old Central Bible College was merged into Evangel University.

Bidders can try to buy all the property or pre-determined portions of it.

The auction for Central Bible College will take place in two bidding events allowing bidders time to inspect, evaluate and prepare to bid for the property. Pre-emptive bids for the entirety are due by March 30.

If the property is not sold to a pre-emptive bidder for the entirety, then bidders for predetermined parcels will compete to bid for individual
parcels, combinations of parcels or the entirety in an auction on May 31.

The campus features 24 buildings including the administration building, library, fine arts, dining hall, commuter lounge, chapel, gym, (4) residence halls, apartment building, townhomes, single family homes, and maintenance buildings. There are also acres of undeveloped land, two ponds and a baseball field.

The property is available for inspection beginning on Jan. 25 at 10. In order to provide accommodations to all prospective purchasers, Fine & Co requires appointment be confirmed 48 hours in advance of the scheduled inspection dates. Call (312) 278-0600 ext 101 to schedule an inspection.

A detailed Bidder’s Information Packet will be available for the property and includes auction and property information, title report, survey, environmental report, construction plans, construction material inventory list, the auction purchase and sale agreement,
seller financing information and the Terms of Sale.

The purchase of the packet is required to bid. Packets cost $150. Packets may be obtained by contacting the Project Manager at (312) 278-0600 ext 101.