Tests find high levels of E.coli in creek polluted by Republic sewage

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REPUBLIC, Mo. Tests found high levels of harmful bacteria in a creek that was polluted by untreated sewage when a Republic Wastewater Treatment plant malfunctioned last Sunday. The tests show people should stay out of Shuyler Creek, which flows into Wilson Creek in Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, and then into the James River.

City Administrator David Cameron says the E.coli levels upstream from the sewage spill are slightly higher than those recommended for swimming. Below the spill, the E.coli levels are three or four times higher than safe levels for human contact in two different spots. One of eight private wells tested so far in the area also tested positive for E.coli, and the city is offering to disinfect that well.

They're continuing to monitor the creek daily, and ask that people still avoid wading or swimming.

Cameron also said Wednesday that one the three pumps that failed was reinstalled on Wednesday and is back in operation. The other two pumps have been disassembled and found to have broken shafts. The temporary auxiliary system that was installed on Monday and some rented pumps will remain in operation or on standby.