Main break prompts boil water advisory near Lake of the Ozarks

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VILLAGE OF FOUR SEASONS, Mo. -- Camden County Public Water and Sewer Supply #4 issued a voluntary boil advisory for about 200 customers. The affected customers are in the subdivisions of Cornett Cove #5 (Lots 1249-1456) and Imperial Point (Lots 1-254), which are off Horsehoe Bend Parkway west of Lake Ozark.

The advisory encompasses Anemone Road and all tributary roads. A water main leak occurred due to aging infrastructure in the area.

The following precautions are recommended:

1. Boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use. Use only water that has been boiled for drinking, diluting fruit juices, all other food preparation and brushing teeth.

2. Dispose of ice cubes and do not use ice from a household automatic ice maker. Remake ice cubes with water that has been boiled.

3. Disinfect dishes and other food contact surfaces by immersion for at least one minute in clean tap water that contains one teaspoon of unscented household bleach per gallon of water.

NOTE: Let water cool sufficiently before drinking.

Water used for bathing or washing of hands does not generally need to be boiled. Supervision of children is necessary to see that water is not ingested.

Customers may notice some discoloration of the water or air in the water until the Company flushes the main lines.

The Company will deliver updated information as the situation changes. The Company will also update its recorded message at (573) 365-6792.