Boys walk 2 miles thru woods, fields to get to school after floods

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SPARTA, Mo. (KY3) - If there ever was a good excuse for staying home from school, the Kissee family had it this week.

"There are two ways in and two ways out, but they were both full of flood waters," said Raven Kissee, who lives outside Sparta.

Water covered one road leading to the family's home on Sunday morning, and the powerful flood waters washed out the bridge on the other road leading to their home. However, the two middle school boys were not going to let the road blocks keep them from reaching their goals.

"Our eighth grader, he said, 'Mom, I have perfect attendance, and we have two weeks of school left. I've got to be at school Monday morning,'" Kissee said.

The two boys and their mom found a way to walk, both directions, in the rain, to school.

The Kissees are one of nine families stranded in the same neighborhood. Flood waters damaged multiple of roads and bridges in Christian County.

"The cool part of trying to get out of our house was just kind of the adventure," said Harper Kissee, an eighth grader.

Their nearly two-mile journey each way takes them through the woods and across some farmland, until they reach a country church, where they are able to keep their car parked and use it as a shuttle to get in and out of town.

"There's cow manure, lots of mud, barbed wire fences, lots of gates. Some hot wire, too, that we need to dodge," Raven Kissee said.

It may not be easy, but the mother-and-son team has become a lifeline for the entire neighborhood. They even haul back food and medicine for those on the other side.

They plan to keep up the daily journey until the water recedes but hope for a change, particularly where the flood washed away the bridge that they used daily.

"A permanent solution, not just temporary -- another one that could be washed away with the next storm," Raven Kissee said.

Christian County commissioners and the roads engineer did not return repeated calls from a reporter on Thursday. County officials have not answered questions as to when the bridge near Sparta might be repaired.