Flood recovery will be long process in Ozark County

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GAINESVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - Flood cleanup is underway for many people in Ozark County while others still haven't been home since Saturday because they’re cut off with no way to get through.

Floodwaters damaged and destroyed many roads and bridges in Ozark County. (Tom Schultheis, KY3 News)

Multiple roads remain closed with heavy damage. It will take many weeks to repair all the damage.

Kaleb Wilson of Red T Productions recorded some video showing the force of the water moving buildings, and even part of a semi-truck floating downstream.

Several bridges were wiped out. Some of them need extensive work, which takes a lot of time. Many people are still separated from family, unable to make it across.

“I'm flooded out, and the rest of my family is flooded in, so we're kind of separated,” said Kay Painter. “There's no electricity, there's no -- we have spring water running through, there's a lot of water -- but the electricity is off, the phones are down, I've only been able to communicate with my family through a neighbor lady who has a computer, so I've been able to talk through Facebook.

Painter lives off Dry Creek, which is anything but dry. Drone video from Aerial Ozarks shows what she faces. Painter hasn't been able to see it in person yet because she's cut off by the road and bridge damage.

“My husband and my son are at home and we take care of a handicapped lady that lives right next door to us -- she's the one with the computer. That's the only way we have any communication at all,” she said. “I kind of wonder what my house looks like. I don’t know; I haven’t been able to get home to see.”

A major thoroughfare, the Tecumseh Bridge on U.S. 160, is wiped out. The pavement that was around 10 inches thick is buckled. The James Bridge also is out of commission.

Sheriff’s deputies have to start their patrols from their houses because they can’t get to Gainesville. Fortunately, they’re spread out across the county, so they just respond to the calls in their home base areas.

“It takes probably an hour to an hour and a half to get to Dora, (when it) usually is 20, 30 minutes to get there,” said one deputy. “Tecumseh Bridge is out, James Bridge is out, Blair Bridge just finally did open, and Hammond Bridge to West Plains is out.”

For those who are stranded, a shelter is set up at First Baptist Church in Gainesville. The water is down but the forecast for more rain is hard to hear: an additional 1.5 to 3.5 inches of rain is expected here starting Tuesday night.


From the County Commission of Ozark County, here's a list of road conditions, as of Tuesday at 3:45. The listed roads do not cover all roads in the county, but do cover most of the thoroughfares and larger roads. All roads listed as "open" may not be safely traveled by small cars.

Anyone with questions about roads that are not listed can call the County Commission at (417) 679-4096 from 8:00 - 4:30.

West Side:

County Road 863 (Haskins Ford) - Closed Indefinitely
County Road 861 (Steel Tracks) - Closed Indefinitely
County Road 639 (Turkey Creek) - Closed Indefinitely
County Road 669 - Closed
County Road 950 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 955 - Closed
County Road 142 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 114 - Closed
County Road 132 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 123 - Closed
County Road 947 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 115 - Closed
County Road 873 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 145 - Closed
County Road 150 - Closed
County Road 915 - Closed
County Road 835 - Closed Crews Currently Working
County Road 830 - Open
County Road 945 - Open
County Road 831 - Open
County Road 122 - Open on either side of Souder Bridge
County Road 603 - Open either side of Locust (4X4 may be needed)
County Road 605 - Open
County Road 617 - Open
County Road 629 - Open
County Road 931 (Whitestar) - Open
County Road 902 - Open
County Road 881 - Open
County Road 912 0 Open

East Side:
County Road 154 - Closed to through traffic
County Road 349 - Closed to through traffic
County Road 503 - Closed
County Road 555 - Closed to through traffic
County Road 551 (Smoky Road) - Closed to through traffic
County Road 564 - Closed
County Road 178 - Open
County Road 164 - Passable
County Road 180 - Passable
County Road 185 - Passable (temporary fix)
County Road 313 - Passable
County Road 526 - Passable (temporary fix)
County Road 328 - Open to through traffic
County Road 332 - Open
County Road 334 - Open
County Road 335 - Open
County Road 338 - Open
County Road 339 - Passable
County Road 333 - Open
County Road 350 - Passable
County Road 351A - Passable
County Road 353 - Passable
County Road 358/375 Junction Gravel Pile - Partly Passable
County Road 354 - Open
County Road 540 - Passable
County Road 558 - Passable
County Road 550 - Passable
County Road 562 - Passable
County Road 578 - Passable (rough)
County Road 580 - Passable
County Road 597 - Open to trucks
County Road 599 - Passable
Cedar Street (behind Dora School - Passable