Goodwill store seeks to return $3,400 'donation'

Published: Mar. 10, 2017 at 4:39 PM CST
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An employee of MERS Goodwill found a possible accidental donation of $3,400 in cash at its Springfield - Chestnut Crossing location. The cash was found while processing donated items on Thursday, March 9, by employee lead, Christina Swearingin.

Goodwill believes the money was donated unknowingly on Thursday morning at that store and would like the donor to come forward. The store is at 425 S. Western Avenue.

“Accidental donations happen often in our locations, and we simply want to do right by our donors and either thank them or right a possible accidental drop-off,” said David Kutchback, president and chief executive officer of MERS Goodwill. “We are proud of our team member, Christina, who has been with the agency for more than five years, for doing the right thing and turning the money over to our management team quickly for further investigation. We hope we find the donor as we have many times in the past.”

MERS Goodwill would like to remind its generous donors to look in all pockets, bags, envelopes and small boxes – just in case you are letting go of something unintentionally. Whether you take just minutes to quickly gather up a few no-longer needed items, or spend a weekend clearing out old clothes, housewares and other items, there is always a chance that a hiding spot still contains something special.

If someone out there would like to come forward to claim the cash donation at the Springfield store, that donor should call Goodwill at (314) 982-8802. After 30 days, the money found go to MERS Goodwill programs that help the community including:

-- the MERS Goodwill sheltered workshop that serves individuals with severe disabilities;

-- the MERS Goodwill Vet Success Program that supports veterans both in their return to civilian employment and independent living; and

-- the MERS Goodwill autism employment center that helps people with Autism Spectrum Disorder transition toward self-sufficiency.