Ceremony in Springfield honors crime victims

Published: Apr. 6, 2017 at 4:27 PM CDT
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People gathered at the Victims Memorial Garden at Phelps Grove Park to show respect for victims of crime.

More than 100 people gathered to acknowledge and honor those who have survived crimes against them and to remember the victims of crime who did not survive.

Each brick at the victims memorial garden at Phelps Grove Park represents a person victimized or someone who has helped those victims.

Local authorities, friends and family will dedicate bricks in memory of crime victims as well as those who have positively influenced victims of crime.

Family, friends, and many members of Springfield's local law enforcement attended.

They dedicated another ten bricks, honoring people like Kimberly Michelsen. She's an Adolescent Therapist at the Victims Center.

She was recognized for her continuous commitment to helping young victims of crime.

"If I've just helped one child, you know lead the life they're supposed to lead before such a tragic event or trauma has happened to them, then the 20 years of service I've done at the victim center is totally worth it," Michelsen said.

And she has a powerful message for all of us.

"I want people to learn to speak up and [bring] awareness for these victims of crimes," Michelsen said. "I don't want people to hide it under the rug it needs to be brought to the light the more we talk about it the more awareness there is the more that we can do about it."

Special music will be played by Central High School’s Chamber Choir.

Janice McCall mother of Stacy McCall, one of the three Springfield women missing since 1992 also had a brick dedicated for her daughter.