Springfield School District job fair seeks service workers, bus drivers

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The Springfield School District hopes to fill 50 to 60 service positions during a job fair on Wednesday at Parkview High School. It's hiring bus drivers, custodians and maintenance workers, and cafeteria workers.

The district has 50 to 60 open positions across the three service departments, which serve 51 schools. Because a lot of jobs are available across Springfield right now, the competitiveness means the district isn't seeing as many applicants as previous summers.

The Springfield School District's salary rates start at $10 an hour. Depending on experience or department, some jobs can earn more than $14 an hour.

While you have to have a commercial driver's license to be a bus driver, the district will help cover the cost of training and testing to help you get that license.

You can apply for these jobs online but if you have any kind of difficulty with the Internet or you have questions about the jobs, you can come to the job fair and they'll interview you and help you fill out your application so your application will already be submitted when you leave.

The job fair is open until 2 p.m.