Springfield School District opens 2017-'18 year

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - It's time to hit the books in the Springfield School District.
For some parents, the new school year couldn't start soon enough.

Nearly 25,000 students started classes on Wednesday, along with about 3,500 school district employees. That creates lots of excitement but some parents say it was time to get back.

“I'm so ready for them, drives me nuts. They are so sick of being stuck inside, not much left to do with all of the rain,” said Tammy Rogers, mother of students at Cowden Elementary.

“There's always trepidation from moms and dads, especially those kindergarten moms and dads who have to release their kids for the first time, but overall most is great excitement,” said Superintendent John Jungmann as he visited some of the schools.

For the first time every student, third grade through seniors in high school, will have a Chromebook. Also, some 1,000 students who may not have internet at home will be able to check out WIFI hot spots to stay connected and better tackle homework.

It’s the last year of the three-year IGNITE program to supply every student with a computer as teachers work to integrate technology with traditional teaching tools.