Schools at Bass Pro Tournament of Champions get assist from a Springfield dry cleaner

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Many businesses are seeing a spike in business because of this week's Bass Pro Tournament of Champions. One of those keeping busy is Lloyds Dry Cleaners.

It does the cleaning for the team's uniforms. And it does it free of charge.
Owners say they just want to show the hospitality of southwest Missouri. They picked up the loads of laundry early Friday morning from the University Plaza Hotel, where the teams are staying.

First, staff take careful inventory of everything in the bags. They wash the team jerseys, and get everything else from undershirts to underwear, socks, towels and more. They follow the bracket to figure out who will need their uniforms first and start running them through in that order.

They got the job because the University Plaza Hotel only has one washer and one dryer.

"So you can only imagine after the games, that everyone is trying to wash all these uniforms and socks, towels and everything needed for the players and coaches," said Todd Edwards, Lloyds Dry Cleaners owner. "That takes some time, so that's how we evolved into the position we are in today to be able to handle the needs and wants of all the teams."

And in just a few hours, they have them all done and get them back to the University Plaza Hotel.