Nixa saying thanks to an employee that brightens their day

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A group of Nixa business owners came together to say thank you to the man who always takes their order with a smile.

Craig Hackney, a Nixa McDonald's employee said, "I've turned my life around when it comes to being positive, being positive natured. (4:10:25) I wake up in the morning positive, I go to work every day positive, I keep positive through my day. I try to turn any negative into a positive, and that's what I do."

Hackney has only been working the drive through in Nixa for 6 months, but his influence has been apparent to Teresa & Chip McGeehan, the owner and operators of the Nix McDonald's.

"I think when you leave a business with a smile, it's courageous when you go back to your business or your employer is that it started here," Chip said.

As the smiles spread to local business owners, they came together and collected over $300 worth of gift cards and a dozen roses. Then, met up to surprise Craig with this gift during one of his shifts.

Lindsay Jones, owner of Red Poppy Boutique said, "I really hope we put a smile on his face like he has done for our Nixa community."

Not only did i bring him a smile, but is encouraging him spread this joy even more.

"To feel that I've actually made an impact on the community is- just brings me up to another level to keep trying, keep being positive and keep pushing that positive nature out there," Hackney said.

This is true no matter where you are or how long you've been working there.

"After 30 plus years, Teresa has 33 years, it's in our blood. We enjoy doing it, day in and day out," Chip said.

"I just wish I could have been been as good as Craig," Teresa said.

"Yeah! We all do!" Chip added.

"The fact that it has come around and acknowledged that there are good people out there, maybe it will push others into being better people," Hackney said.

Better people who already have the streets of Nixa loving it.