Fit Life

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Our very own 'Night at the Museum'

Fit Life- A cold, sweet treat on a hot day

The surprising way you might win the weight loss battle

Fit Life: 3 tools soldiers use to relieve muscle pain

4th of July salsa for your BBQ

3 moves to ease pain in your neck, back or hips

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Fit Life: 3 ways to ease back pain

Two tricks to making Tofu tasty

Memorial Day Weekend watermelon treat

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Mega Millions fast facts: What you need to know for the next jackpot drawing

If there's just one winning ticket on Tuesday night, that lucky player can take home a single, after-tax lump sum of $904.4 million.

Immigrant detained while delivering pizza now charged with criminal mischief

Pablo Villavicencio was charged Monday with criminal mischief for allegedly shoving his wife, slapping her and grabbing her phone.

Mega Millions confronts compulsive gamblers with constant reminders

"They can't close the windows or not watch TV. It's not realistic," said a gambling counselor.

Several Clemson students still hospitalized after floor collapse at party

About 30 people were hurt during an off-campus party on Sunday, according to university police.

Former MLB star Dykstra pleads not guilty to terroristic threat, drug charges

Dykstra appeared in a New Jersey court Monday to address the charges stemming from a May 23 incident with an Uber driver.