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'We support it': NAACP endorses LGBTQ Equality Act

The African-American civil rights group, which shepherded the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, endorsed adding LGBTQ people to those the act protects.

'Find my killer': Twin sister of murder victim puts up billboards

“I just feel part of me was ripped away. And the other part of me is going to find out what happened," the sister said.

After homicide victim was left 7 weeks in impounded car, workers disciplined

The family of the victim filed a lawsuit against the city arguing that he might have survived a shooting if officers had found him in time,

Video shows Dallas man repeatedly punching woman calling 911 on him

Austin Shuffield allegedly attacked the woman after telling her to move her car because it was blocking the parking lot exit.

Michigan deal bars LGBTQ discrimination in state adoptions

Faith-based adoption agencies funded by the state will no longer be able to turn away gay couples or LGBTQ individuals because of religious objections.