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School shooting threat thwarted in Los Angeles County after 'ghost gun' recovered

The student, whose name has not been released, purchased parts on the internet to build a 'ghost gun,' which was discovered during the investigation, officials said.

'I'll go die for you': Texts show student's alleged abuse before boyfriend's suicide

Inyoung You and her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, shared a toxic relationship, prosecutors say, and she sent him more than 47,000 texts in the two months before his suicide.

Military same-sex spouse denied Alaska oil check sues

She alleges the state is wrongly enforcing laws barring recognition of gay marriages, five years after a federal judge found such a ban unconstitutional.

Scooter Braun appeals to Taylor Swift, says feud has led to death threats

"It is important that you understand that your words carry a tremendous amount of weight," the music executive said in a post to Swift.

University says can't fire prof over 'racist, sexist, and homophobic' views

The university provost said she condemns "in the strongest terms, Professor Rasmusen’s views on race, gender, and sexuality," but that is not a reason to violate the Constitution.