Curbee Offers $50 Off Oil Change Special For Bay Area Residents

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 11:55 AM CDT

Consumers can spend the last few weeks of summer doing what they love instead of sitting at a repair shop — First time Curbee customers save $50 on oil changes all month long

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Different motor oil for different seasons used to be commonplace but, thanks to advances in oil technology that offer protection for temperatures year round, most vehicles no longer need a specific type of oil in the summer. Regardless of season, regular oil changes are still essential to optimize a vehicle's performance and keep its engine healthy.


But who wants to spend the last few weeks of summer sitting in a repair shop waiting for their oil to be changed?

For on-the-go Bay Area residents looking to make the most of their time this month, Curbee, a mobile car-repair company, is offering new customers $50 off their oil change throughout the month of August. And for added convenience, Curbee's oil changes are conducted right at a consumer's home or workplace by full-time, qualified mechanics.

"There are endless pain points that consumers deal with when taking their car to a physical repair shop. Beyond that, it's summer! People are busy and they don't want to spend their last few weeks of August stuck in a waiting room," said Denise Leleux, CEO of Curbee.

Consumers can reap a number of benefits from maintaining healthy engine oil, including a lubricated engine which can prevent engine parts from wearing down or breaking, improved gas mileage, heightened overall engine performance, and money saved down the road due to decreased likelihood of unexpected repairs from bad oil.

Curbee's oil change service, which starts at just $99, includes a full synthetic oil and oil filter service and as with all Curbee services, a complimentary, multi-point Signature Health Check.

New Curbee customers can receive a $50 discount on their first oil change by using code OIL50 at checkout through August. Curbee's full list of services are available by simply booking an appointment at or calling 1-866-CURBEE-1.

About Curbee
Founded in 2020 by leaders and builders of Tesla and Lyft's mobile car care services, Curbee is a mobile car care experience for busy people and businesses that want hassle-free car care. To learn more about Curbee's mobile car care service, visit

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